The Home River Bioblitz

A world-wide citizen science event where people explore the biodiversity of their local river

From 24th to 26th of September 2021, people around the world will go out to explore their local rivers, hosting the second Home River Bioblitz. During its first edition, over 500 people collected biodiversity data around more than 40 rivers, using iNaturalist.

We invite you to organize your own local Home River Bioblitz. To help you do so, and to help you communicate the story and results of your event to a wide audience, we will support you with various workshops. Head over to the Bioblitz 2021 to learn how you can get started! 

What is this Bioblitz about?

And what does it have to do with my river?

A bioblitz is a communal citizen-science effort to record a wide variety of species on a specific location within a certain timeframe. Bioblitzes are a way to connect people to their environments, zooming in to details they normally pass by and at the same time generating useful data for science and conservation.

The Home River Bioblitz focuses on the biodiversity in and around rivers, which are at the heart of all ecosystems. The event connects the stories of the people that protect, restore and celebrate these valuable places. Take a look at this storymap to learn more!




During the Home River Bioblitz, we go out to explore our local rivers together with peers, friends and family, thereby enlarging local networks of people that care about rivers. We identify the observed species with help of the global iNaturalist community. During an online recap session, we chat about the day with various specialists, zooming into some remarkable observations as well as discussing new ways to relate to our local river wildlife.

Join a local event

Check out this map to see if a bioblitz is already being organized on your local river.

River Collective

Storymaps and Data Visualization

We have several worshops lined up to effectively communicate your project

Just as much as we care about the biodiversity you will encounter during your Home River Bioblitz, we care about the reasons that you go out there on this day. People around the world are standing up to protect and celebrate their local rivers. These stories should be told and through several workshops, we will help you do so. 

One workshop focuses on the creation of a storymap. A second workshop will be all about visualizing the collected data. More info will follow soon. You can check out our last year’s storymap to get an impression! 


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This event was partly supported by a grant from the National Geographic Society.