Explore your local river!

Worldwide, people explored their local rivers on the 20th of september during this world-wide citizen science event.

On the 28th, we gathered with bioblitz leaders and participants during an online recap, which you can watch back by clicking on the link below. 

The Home River Bioblitz took place around 45 home rivers worldwide. 

River Collective

What is a bioblitz?

A bioblitz is a communal citizen-science effort to record a wide variety of species on a specific location within a certain timeframe. Bioblitzes are a way to connect people to their environments, zooming in to details they normally pass by and at the same time generating useful data for science and conservation. Read more about bioblitzes here


20th of September


21st -25th of September


28th of September


On the 20th of September, people around the world will go out to explore their own, local rivers together with their peers, friends and family, thereby enlarging their local network of people that care about rivers. In the following week, it is time to identify the observed species with help of the global iNaturalist community. On the 28th of September, we recap the day with various specialists, zooming into some remarkable observations as well as discussing new ways to relate to our local river wildlife.

Using iNaturalist

This Bioblitz is all about collaborating with people that value rivers and their ecosystems, both close to you as well as globally. iNaturalist is the perfect partner to share your observations with a digital community. It is an online social network of people sharing biodiversity information to help each other learn about natural systems. It functions both as a crowdsourced species identification system and an organism occurrence recording tool. And the best thing of all, it is super easy to use, making the world of biology accessible to everyone.

We invite you to organise your own Home River Bioblitz or join in on an event close to you.


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