Home River Bioblitz 2021

Join us for this world-wide citizen science event and celebrate your local river!

Do you live near a river and are you curious to know what species live there? Or do you have the impression that many people are unaware of its wildlife? We invite you to join us between September 24th and 26th, 2021 to explore the biodiversity around your local river. You can do this with your family members or invite a wider community, dependent on your local COVID-19 situation and on what suits you best! 

By becoming a bioblitz leader, you have the opportunity to take part in several workshops that help you in the organisation of your river event, and in the communication of the data collected and the story you like to tell. This is a great way to engage your peers, friends and family in the protection of your river, and connect to a global community that shares the love for rivers. 

Become a Bioblitz Leader

or join us just for a day...

During the month of August, you can register your Home River Bioblitz on this website. We then invite you for a series of training sessions that help you make your event successful. 

1. Bioblitz and iNaturalist Training – Beginning September
2. Storymap Workshop – Mid September
3. Bioblitz Recap and Data Visualizaton – Beginning October

If you are keen to just go explore for a day, that is also possible! We aim to keep the threshold low so anyone can join. More info follows soon.

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As a bioblitz leader, you organize the event where you, your peers, friends, family and wider community go out to explore your local river during the weekend of 24-26 September. Afterwards, you identify the observed species with help of the global iNaturalist community. During an online recap session, we chat about the day with various specialists, zooming into some remarkable observations as well as discussing new ways to relate to our local river wildlife. This year, we focus on storytelling. How do you visualize the data you collected and how does this fit in with the message you want to bring across?


Soon we will add several guidelines that help you organize your Bioblitz


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This event was partly supported by a grant from the National Geographic Society.